At Ascension Psychiatric Services, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

  • I’ve had a great experience with Anthony Hall. He made sure I got the help I needed quickly and understood the processes of what would happen moving forward.

    - DeVonte F. | Aug 08, 2023
  • They went and and beyond to make sure I was taken care of.

    - Jeffrey A. | Aug 07, 2023
  • When I came to AJ I was in a really bad place. He was patient and listened and explained a course of treatment thoroughly. Things have really gotten better for me and I’m thankful to be under AJ’s care. I highly recommend him.

    - Michelle M. | Aug 05, 2023
  • Hall is very caring and understanding. He listened to me and was very professional.

    - L K. | Aug 03, 2023
  • Mr Anthony Hall was very considerate of my mental health needs and my medication and he did very well and readjusting my medication and getting me the help that I was striving for.

    - Tina A. | Aug 02, 2023
  • Dr. Hall completely changed my life!! Thank you so much

    - Clarence B. | Aug 02, 2023
  • Mr. Anthony is and continues to be a GODsend. I could never recommend him enough. He always listens, cares, and goes above and beyond any psychiatrist I have ever had. I have been through years of psychiatric treatment and so many psychiatrists but nobody, I mean nobody has ever helped like Mr. Anthony. He has been patient, kind, and so supportive. He has literally been my biggest advocate for my mental health. I trust him with my psychiatric needs 10000%. I can wholeheartedly recommend him to others with complex needs like myself because he has literally saved my life with the meds and care I am on. I am stable and happy now, and I never thought I would have gotten this far. Anybody on the fence, please give him a try. I understand that past experiences with psychiatrists may have shaken your trust, but Mr. Anthony will never let you down. 10/10 wholeheartedly recommend.

    - Sarah G. | May 09, 2023 Show More
  • Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

    - Luke S. | Apr 28, 2023
  • Very knowledgeable and helpful. We worked together to come up with a good plan. Anthony has been vital to improving my mental health.

    - Brandon D. | Apr 13, 2023
  • Best practices. I will follow him wherever he goes. I have never had a provider like Mr. Hall.

    - Angelia W. | Mar 29, 2023
  • It's clear that Mr. Hall's approach to treatment and diagnosis is grounded in a genuine desire to help his patients, and that he takes the time to listen carefully to their concerns and needs.

    I've been diagnosed with ADD and Major Depressive Disorder by three psychiatrists over the last 15 years. I switched between a combination of Wellbutrin and Ritalin, Vyvanse, or Adderall, in search of a therapeutic combination that never came.
    But, in just one hour and a half, Mr. Hall suggested that I didn't have ADD or Major Depressive Disorder. I was later to find out that he was correct.
    Mr. Hall took the time to listen to my concerns and provided me with a comprehensive explanation of my diagnosis, which I found helpful.
    The BEGINNING result is that I accomplished more of my life goals in the two months following my first appointment than in the past 15 years. This is directly related to eliminating Wellbutrin and implementing a step down plan for Vyvanse.
    I have been correctly diagnosed and provided with the correct therapeutic medication for the first time.
    Mr. Hall also offered a therapist referral in anticipation of the need to process such a life balancing change.
    I encourage all adults to schedule and show up to an appointment with Mr. Hall. Mental health is just as important to physical health. I share my story to encourage everyone, especially minorities, to reach out and take the next step to find balance, peace and productivity.
    I've worked as a 5th grade teacher, operations manager, HR manager and a facility director. I'm proud of the work that I've done, but something always felt off, something always felt not connected, there was always something to worry about. If that sounds familiar, then you need to schedule and attend a session with Mr. Hall.
    My takeaway is simple. I was introduced to two new people during my first appointment with Mr. Hall. It was nice to meet him and myself.
    All Best, Ryan

    - Ryan B. | Mar 29, 2023 Show More
  • Mr. Hall is a angel from heaven. After finding that my younger brother had a mental illness I was very lost and confused as to what steps to take for his care. After dealing with very unprofessional & unconcerned specialists I finally ran into Anthony Hall. Mr. Hall welcomed my brother and I (his caregiver/sister) with open arms. He went over and beyond to ensure my brother got the best treatment and medication for his condition. With the help from Mr. Hall my brother is almost 95% his old self and on the road to recovery. Thanks again for all you’ve done and continue to do.

    - Shunice M. | Mar 22, 2023 Show More
  • He actually listened to me. I felt at ease talking and being very honest about how I’ve been feeling

    - Nisha W. | Mar 18, 2023
  • Dr. Hall was incredible. He listened to me, heard my cry for help, suggested many options of treatment, and made me feel so cared for. I had to pay out of pocket, but he was more than worth it. I'm so happy to have found him.

    - Tiffany B. | Mar 18, 2023
  • Dr. Hall was amazing. He had a great attitude and really listened to me.

    - Rachel T. | Sep 27, 2022
  • Dr. Hall is very kind and understanding. He talks you through the treatment plan and listens to you and your concerns and genuinely cares about the well-being of his patients.

    - Virginia W. | Sep 22, 2022
  • Anthony is amazing. He had a right approach in finding the best medication for me. I would highly recommend him!

    - Lily M. | Aug 31, 2022
  • I had a great experience! I would recommend him to my friends and family. He really listens to my problems and we work on them together to try and find the right medication. Thank you!

    - Gene M. | Aug 30, 2022
  • He is awesome. He brings great energy and listens intently. He explains the options/next steps

    - Desiree D. | Aug 27, 2022
  • From new-patient booking to the close of my first appointment, Anthony was simply wonderful. Incredibly swift response to my inquiry, and was able to schedule me an appointment within the week. Anthony allowed ample time for discussing my physical and mental health history at the beginning of the appointment— he listened actively and attentively before asking follow-up questions, and building a plan of action was a collaborative effort. I am simply ecstatic to continue this professional relationship, as it is a truly wonderful to find a mental health practitioner who is caring, progressive, and knowledgeable!

    - Taylor D. | Aug 27, 2022 Show More
  • The most down to earth medical professional I've worked with. He really listens and helps with what is best for each patient.

    - Stephanie D. | Aug 26, 2022
  • AJ was amazing. He listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. Then he came up with a plan that took my ideas into account. I am very happy with my experience and will most definitely be seeing him again!

    - Jessica M. | Aug 26, 2022


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